We are delighted to launch the 'National Astronomy & Science Olympiad" and invite schools and students from across the country to participate in the same. This is India's first Astronomy & Science Olympiad aimed at creating awareness to School Students towards Astro Science. This is The best platform for students to explore themselfs into concepts of Astro Science.

NASO comes up with a concept called ' Explore NASA with NASO '. Where children who perform top in this competition gets an opportunity to visit for Kennedy space station NASA(Houston) and runners will have an opportunity to attend exposure camp at Singapore Science City". We make sure that our exams are well organized and competitive enough to enable our students to come out top in any international competition they venture into.

What is Naso?

  • A comprehensively designed, skill based competitive assessment for school students.
  • Examines the learning levels of students and encourages them to achieve higher learning goals.
  • Guides schools to redefine the learning objectives and their teaching standards.

Salient Features of NASO Exam.

  • Scientifically designed graded questions.
  • Creates Intrest & Awareness towards Astronomy Science.
  • Evaluates the academic skill levels of students and helps them achieve desired learning goals.
  • Provides Comparative Analysis to students and schools.
  • Exhaustive and detailed reports which give a clear understanding of the performance of students.
  • Guides schools to redefine their learning objectives and teaching standards.
  • Promotes deeper level of learning.

Benefits of NASO


  • The comparative analysis determines the learning levels of students and helps them achieve higher learning goals.
  • It provides an objective, in-depth assessment of students skills in key learning areas that are essential for success at school, work and in life.
  • It empowers students and helps in building self-confidence and motivates them to excel.


  • Schools can monitor and compare the performance of students within school, with other participating schools and at state and national levels.
  • Using the analytical report, schools can identify performance deficiencies and accordingly redefine their learning objectives and standards of teaching.

Benefits of NASO Books

  • NASO books are comprehensively designed preparatory books.
  • NASO books help in enhancing the conceptual knowledge and preparation of the assessments.
  • NASO books can be used in classes on daily basis as practise books to motivate students to achieve higher learning benchmarks

What Students Says

"National Astronomy and Science Olympiad is a unique competition which gives an opportunity to student to explore, research and test them self in field of astronomy science. We love this platform and we encourage our students to participate in this event"
Madhuri Sen - Delhi Public School.
National Astronomy & Olympiad (NASO) is an excellent competitive exam which enhances the Astronomy Education to students. The pattern of exam trains the school children for future. Nice platforms for the students to get into National level Competition. It is a well planned, organized and thought provoking for the children. The meticulous & systematic system of conducting the exam is excellent. It also motivates, encourages and nurtures the young talents.
Parent- National Pubic School Banglore.
"This Exam develops more interest in students for Astronomy education. Good efforts for making Astronomy subject as much important as other important subjects like Maths, Physics, etc. Good management. Timely response. International level. Best one, I have ever come across.
Student - GRM School - Bareilly

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